Machine Learning Workshop

Machine Learning with Spark and Python

Event:  8th & 9th February 2018 | 09.00 AM to 05.00 PM IST

Machine Learning is the most popular keyword in the technology industry in the recent times. Every organization is gearing up to use Machine Learning algorithms to Churn and find out insightful results as well predict the future path.

Machine Learning algorithms and it's implementation has become very much simplified with Apache Spark. At the end of the workshop, Participants will learn and develop Machine Learning algorithms on various datasets.

Topics to be Covered:


Day 1

Day 2

9 AM

Introduction to BIG DATA

Recap of Machine Learning with Spark

9.15 AM

BIG DATA & Machine Learning

  • How to implement BIG DATA tools
  • How to implement SPARK
  • *   Discuss 2 projects – Audience will be able to see complete code execution.

    The components of the machine learning area

  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • 9.45 AM

    Machine Learning – Algorithms and Terminology:

  • Classification
  • Regression
  • Cross – Validator
  • Decision Trees
  • * We will provide complete Cheat sheet of Machine Learning algorithms. Also Glossary & Definitions of Machine Learning Algorithms

    Understand different kinds of data and file formats

  • JSON
  • AVRO
  • CSV
  • 10.15 AM

    Resource planning, Hardware Consideration, Client Interactions in such projects(FAQ)

    SPARK – Mlib Libraries – Purpose – Functions / Methods

    10.45 AM

    Short Break

    Short Break

    11 AM

    BIG DATA – Tools & Frameworks


    Apache Hadoop (Live Practical examples)

  • Hive
  • PIG
  • Apache Spark and Python
  • Understanding process flow of Machine Learning algorithms

  • Purpose of Training sets
  • Purpose of Testing sets
  • How to identify Features
  • 11:30AM

    Machine Learning LIVE Example Walk through:

  • Featurizing a DataFrame using Transformers
  • Training a linear Regression model using Estimators
  • Evaluating the Model using Evaluators
  • Putting it all together using MLlib Pipelines
  • Understanding process flow of Machine Learning algorithms

  • How to prepare MODELS
  • How to FIT model
  • 12 PM

    Python – Fundamentals & Programming Techniques

    Demonstrate and discuss major Python end to end coding solutions.

    * We will provide 2 examples, which you can practice after the course

    Machine Learning algorithms : Classification & Regression

  • Binary Classification
  • Multinomial Classification
  • Logistic Regression
  • 1PM

    Lunch Break

    Lunch Break

    2 PM

    Spark – Fundamentals

  • Hands on
  • RDD
  • DataFrames
  • DataSets
  • * Demonstrate and discuss SPARK project end to end coding solution.

    * We will provide 4 additional examples, which you can practice afterthe course

    Machine Learning algorithms :

  • Linear regression
  • Decision Trees
  • Caching & Persistence
  • *  Make participants hands on with predicting with regression models.

    4 PM

    Machine Learning with SPARK

    Understanding ML, Mlib packages

  • Classification
  • Binary Classification
  • Multinomial Classification
  • End to End project execution.

    *  Demonstrate and discuss SPARK project end to end coding solution.

    *  We will provide 2 additional examples, which you can practice after the course.

    5 PM

    Q & A – Closing session

    Q & A – Closing session

    We request all the participants to be at Venue by Sharp 8.15 AM. Breakfast will be completed by 8.45 AM. We will do quick check on Installation of Required Software between 8.45 AM to 9 AM. Session will start Sharp 9 AM. We will send all instructions on how to install required software before the session. We expect Participants to bring their own laptops. If you require our facilitators to provide the laptops / Desktops (Additional Charges Apply) you need to discuss with Course Coordinator for such arrangements.

    About the Faculty Members:

    We have pool of Faculty Members with strong experience on Machine Learning algorithms. All our Machine Learning Workshops and Training programs are driven by Our Practice Head and Lead Architech Mr. Kumar USD. Along with Lead Faculty members, we have several expert faculties to conduct workshops and training programs.

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